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Mechanical Edge Over the Markets That Will Help You Scale Your Trading to 6 - 7 Figures
in Just 30 Days!


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"I have become so confident with my trade executions because I finally got the clarity in the Markets with OP Investing!"

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"I've been stuck with trading for almost 7 years now... Until OP Investing Methods I'm blessed to have u around my brother." - Zyler

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"I do not have to spend my whole day to catch trades anymore. With OP Methods trading is not compromising with my Day Job" - Jackson

Listen to me...

If you've struggled with trading in the past, it's not your fault.


There's an overwhelming amount of information out there, causing analysis paralysis and making you feel stuck. Trading isn't inherently difficult; it just requires the right framework explained by the right person.


Mainstream ideas want you to believe trading is hard and complex, but that's not true.


They profit from your confusion and failure, but I'm here to tell you that trading can be simple and clear.

By trading OP Methods, beginners will learn how to trade confidently and become successful funded traders, while experienced traders will discover a new way of trading intraday patterns, incorporating the time element.


Over 70,000 people are familiar with this method, and I've personally taught over 200 people who are now achieving the results you desire.

The strategy that will make you a six-figure trader is trading patterns—not just any patterns, but those that cover the core entry techniques. 

Four years ago, I gave up my indicator-based strategy because I had to constantly monitor the charts.


Working as an audit assistant at a Big Four, I was overworked and undervalued. When I didn't get a promotion or yearly bonus, I realized I needed to find a new way to build capital and leave my job.

The main obstacle was my 9-5 job, which left me little time for trading.


One night, overwhelmed by work, I had a panic attack. It was a wake-up call—I needed to change my life.


I discovered that every trading pair has an average true range, like an average person taking 10,000 steps a day. This insight was the missing puzzle piece.

By focusing on the Tokyo session, I identified an origin point for trades, allowing me to predict breakouts, key-level retests, and liquidity zones.


After extensive backtesting, I developed the OP Methods. These methods transformed my trading, giving me clear entry rules and eliminating psychological trading problems.

The OP Methods are based on three core entry models:

  1. Breakout and Continuation: Catch trends early and trade breakouts from the origin point.

  2. Hidden Key Level Reversals: Identify intraday key levels and trade reversals.

  3. Manipulation and Liquidity Grabs: Trade key daily levels for liquidity grabs and reversals.

These models cover all market conditions and entry scenarios, providing a clear, mechanical trading plan.

Using the OP Methods, I steadily grew my personal account and became a six-figure funded trader.


I left my job, reinvested my trading profits, and achieved financial freedom.


I've taught over 250 people who are now successfully using these methods daily, and thousands more have transformed their trading with the secrets of OP Investing Methods.

OverPowered Investing Curriculum

There are 3 Sections in the OP Investing Mentorship

Section #1 - Beginner

Lesson #1 - Getting the Direction of Success Lesson #2 - Setting up the Best Trading Environment Lesson #3 - Choosing the Right Trading Instruments  Lesson #4 - Finding the Edge over the Markets  Lesson #5 - The Secret of Never Blowing an Account Lesson #6 - Learning the Alphabet of the Market Lesson #7 - The Fractal Nature of the Markets and How you can benefit from it Lesson #8 - The ONLY Candlestick patterns you need Lesson #9 - Do You Really need to use all the Time Frames?  Lesson #10 - Do you Really need to use a Top-Down Analysis? Lesson # - Future Updates

Section #2 - Intermediate

Lesson #1 - A to Z, the only video you need about the Order Blocks Lesson #2 - A to Z, the only video you need about the Breaker Blocks Lesson #3 - A to Z, the only video you need about the Liquidity Pools  Lesson #4 - A to Z, the only video you need about the Order Flow Lesson # - Future Updates

Section #3 - Advanced

Lesson #1 - The Secret about the Sessions, and Trading them Lesson #2 - Ultimate Guide on OP Method #1 Lesson #3 - Ultimate Guide on OP Method #2  Lesson #4 - Ultimate Guide on OP Method #3  Lesson #5 - Ultimate Guide on OP Method #4  Lesson #6 - How to Combine OP Investing Methods Lesson #7 - The Right Way of Backtesting that No One Will Tell You About Lesson #8 - Day-to-Day OP Investing Methods Trader Thought Process  Lesson #9 - Updates on OP Method #1  Lesson #10 - Updates on OP Method #2  Lesson #11 - Updates on OP Method #3  Lesson #12 - Updates on OP Method #4  Lesson # - Future Updates

What's Included In The Program?


Video Course.png

Are you tired of binge-watching random YouTube videos?

Our Value-Packed tutorials are specially designed to cover everything you need for trading. Lessons are divided into 3 categories for easier navigation.

Beginners Section - will build up a solid foundation for you. You will get a new prism to look at the markets.

Intermediate Section - will teach you all the advanced entries that you will ever need.

Advanced Section - is focused on all the aspects of trading OP Investing Methods. You will learn WHAT to Trade, HOW to Trade, WHERE to Trade, and WHEN to Trade.

Since the markets are an ever-evolving entity, we always update the course with new materials and findings, so you always stay up to date with the current market conditions. 


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I know that, sometimes you might forget some parts of the strategy so you start making silly mistakes. For reviewing some parts of the strategy, watching the video course might be long and overwhelming, this is why I have prepared a Solution for you!

The OP Investing eBook.

This is a comprehensive handbook about OP Methods. It covers the detailed information about the strategies in a very structured way. I bet this is going to be the book on your table all the time when you are trading.



In a world with tech advancements, we are thinking about how we can ease your life, while trading. This is where we have introduced the concept of OP Investing Secrete Tool. This is going to be the semi-automated bot that will be helping you while making trading decisions, based on your answers.
[Under Development]

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The biggest pain point with the Do Yourself courses is that you cannot get feedback on your performance and its really hard to learn the thought process of the Mentor. But here within OP Investing, I am offering you to walk your journey with me, hand in hand.
We host Weekly Calls within our community where we back-test together the price action throughout the week, so you can learn my thought process and how I approach the markets in no time!
Moreover, there is a Q&A session at the end of the Weekly call, so you can ask all the questions you have personally from me. Those who missed the call, can always rewatch the records and not miss out on all the nuggets. 

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Weekly calls are good, but what about the daily insights?
I got your back and created separate channels with Daily Outlook. This is not a simple signal group. Within OP Investing we are focused on not only giving a fish, but teaching you how to fish, so you will be able to do in the future without anyone’s help. 

Within the Daily Outlook group, you receive my personal outlook with a comprehensive explanation of my thought process. By reading them and following them, you can boost your confidence and speed up your learning process immensely. 

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Personal Guidance (1)_edited.png
Future Proof (1)_edited.png
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 A lots of bonuses are waiting for you inside of your OP Investing Family!


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You are not in the proper time zone to trade the London Session?

No more sleepless nights, sacrificing your health for trading. Have a look at one of our Students and how he is dealing with this problem! 👆🏼

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 19.56.53.png

You have been lost for many years? We are here to Rescue you! 👆🏼

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 20.03.34.png

Do you feel that you have a busy schedule for trading? Do you feel yourself paralyzed while taking trades? Check out how our Methods helped to overcome that one of our students Miles had! 👆🏼

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Do you Lack Clarity with Trading?

That will not be your concern anymore with OP Investing Methods!

Do you finally become a Funded Trader?

It's time to start trading with OP Investing Methods!

Who This Mentorship Is For

  • If you are just starting with trading or a seasoned trader who wants to expand his knowledge 

  • You want to learn a Truly mechanical Strategy that is based on «If» thinking 

  • If you have a Day Job and want to learn a strategy that requires minimal time investment 

  • You are looking to build a solid Side Hustle, that can become your main job in the Future 

  • If you are a motivated person who is ready to invest his time, money, and energy for learning the craft of trading 

  • Getting Funded, Multiply your own funds, and build a solid investing portfolio from your trading profits
    [If you want to become a funded trader and acquire funds for your management, or if you want to multiply and grow your own funds over time. Make profits from trading and build a good investment portfolio from them so you can retire]

Who This Mentorship Is NOT For

  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

  • You are looking for a magical pill that gives you overnight success
    [Trading is a mental sport, your ability to spot the patterns, to control yourself is like the muscles that you have to train every day, to get stronger and have the results. There is no magical pill in any industry]

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Premium Pricing:
$10,687.00 Value

For Limited Time Offer:

$497 TODAY


One Upfront Investment

Life Time Access to All the Content

Billed ONE time only 

24 Coprehensive OP Investing Lessons

Access to All the Future Videos

Weekly Community Calls with Q&A Session [Recorded]

Bank of Examples

Life Time Access to Private Telegram Group

Daily Trading Setups [with full thought process]

OP Investing eBook [with all the future Updates]

1x1 Personal Support

OP Investing Secrete Tool

Go through the Link below for a one-time $497 Investment!

Installments Plan
You can make two monthly investments of $297 for a total of $594

Go through the Link below to Invest in Crypto!

Got Doubts and Questions?
Ask them directly from me and get a Free Consultation.
Just Click Below





The Observer

These are the type of people who are always searching for a new hot opportunity but, when faced with one, they find an excuse not to take action... And end up just observing the success of the others who decided to take action on the same opportunity they missed.

The Action Taker

Those are the type of people who, went faced with an opportunity, take action and work to build their own success. They're the go-getters. They're the ones that, over the long-term, end up achieving their wildest dreams and enjoying the spoils of their decisions. And now it's time to decide: which one of them you're gonna be? This is a decision only you can take.

  • I'm a struggling trader with limited experience. Will this mentorship program be suitable for me?
    Absolutely! Our mentorship program is designed to cater to traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. We provide comprehensive training and support to help you overcome challenges and achieve consistent profitability.
  • How can this mentorship program help reduce trading stress?
    Our mentorship program focuses on teaching you proven techniques and strategies that promote a more structured and systematic approach to trading. By following our methods and implementing effective risk management strategies, you'll experience a significant reduction in trading stress.
  • Can I access the mentorship materials at my own pace?
    Yes, you have the flexibility to access the video course materials and resources at your convenience. The program is designed to accommodate your individual learning style and pace.
  • Is there ongoing support available after completing the mentorship program?
    Absolutely! We offer continued support through our private community group, weekly trade sessions, and monthly Q&A sessions. We are committed to your long-term success as a trader.
  • How can I trust the effectiveness of the OP Investing Methods?
    The OP Investing Methods are backed by extensive research, historical data, and real-world results. Our mentorship program is based on a proven track record of success and is continually updated to adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Can I join the mentorship program if I have a full-time job?
    Certainly! Our mentorship program is designed to be flexible and accommodate traders with various schedules. You can access the materials and participate in the community activities at your convenience.
  • What if I don't have a large trading account to start with?
    The mentorship program emphasizes effective risk management and teaches you how to optimize your trades regardless of your account size. You'll learn strategies to grow your account steadily and manage risk effectively.
  • Will I receive personalized feedback and guidance on my trading performance?
    Yes! As part of the mentorship program, you'll have the opportunity to schedule 1-on-1 calls with our expert trader to discuss your progress, address any concerns, and receive personalized feedback on your trading performance.
  • How long does it take to see results from the mentorship program?
    The timeline for seeing results may vary depending on individual dedication, effort, and market conditions. However, with consistent application of the OP Investing Methods and proper implementation of the strategies taught in the mentorship, you can start seeing positive results within a reasonable timeframe.
  • What if I have additional questions or need further clarification?
    We have a dedicated support team ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach out to us via email or through our private community group, and we'll be more than happy to provide the guidance you need.
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